Lesson Packages

All Lessons are sold in Packages of 4.

per lesson
  • BYOG
    (Bring You Own Guitar)
  • Great for Young Learners
  • Flexible Scheduling
per lesson
  • Meet at your location?
  • Weekend lessons?
  • Multiple people?
  • Something else special?

General FAQs

Here are some answers of the most Frequently Asked Questions that I get.

Lessons – Packs of 4

Learning music takes time and dedication, from us both.  I need to make sure that we both have time in each lesson to teach you what you need to know.  These packages are priced per lesson, but sold in 2 time-lengths.

  • 30-minute-lessons for those who are great at learning on their own and need lesson-time to learn new skills and polish things up.
  • 60-minute-lessons for those that need more dedicated one-on-one time to review lessons and to master new skills.
  • Custom lessons time/types are available for special situations.

Lesson Location

I primarily teach out of my home.  I have all of my tools, equipment and instruments here and I have the right teaching environment.  If you require special arrangements or need me to come to you, I’m very willing to negotiate an additional fee to accommodate.

Lesson Scheduling

You should come to your lesson prepared to work.  If you are a new client, then we will setup your schedule during our phone call and your times will be confirmed once payment is received.

If you are an existing client and will be unable to make a scheduled lesson, please let me know at least 24 hours in advance.  We can reschedule this lesson, or extend your lesson schedule by one session if need-be.  Excessive rescheduling will not be permitted.


This is the cornerstone of learning any musical instrument.  Without practice, your mind doesn’t take what it learned and put it in long-term memory.  For every 30-minutes of your lesson, you should have 3-5 more practice sessions of equal length.  I can’t force this schedule on you, but I am always able to tell when students have and when they haven’t practiced.

If you are ready to continue on, please contact me! I’m ready to teach!